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Sarah Hunter

Sarah is the Director of Global Public Policy at X, the Moonshot Factory. X - formerly Google X - is a diverse group of inventors and entrepreneurs who build and launch technologies that aim to improve the lives of millions of people. X works across a wide range of technologies and sectors, from self driving cars to life sciences and drones. Sarah joined X in 2013 and lived in California for five years, running a team that translates between the engineers and scientists at X and the policy makers and regulators in Government. She has recently moved back to the UK to perform the same role for X globally.

Prior to joining X, Sarah ran the UK Public Policy team for Google. But long before the internet was invented, Sarah was a policy wonk. She started working in UK politics before she was old enough to vote, volunteering for a young Tony Blair during her school holidays. She worked on many election campaigns for the Labour Party and developed a specialism in broadcasting policy by working for the BBC and Channel 4. She was a Special Adviser for two of Ministers of Culture and eventually joined Prime Minister Blair in Downing Street, working for 4 years as his Senior Policy Adviser on Culture, Media and Sport. In real life, she loves making bread, running trails and hanging out with her three children.